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The Latest Meat Debate

This post expired on March 18, 2015.

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Meat – everything in Moderation?
Every now and then we need to remind ourselves the true strength of the scientific method – when applied correctly, it helps us remove personal bias from our observations. Here’s a couple of links regarding meat consumption that might help stimulate more discussion around your table beyond the last round of disaster journalism headlines!

Eating some meat is better for the environment. CLICK HERE

Science, pseudoscience, nutritional epidemiology and meat – CLICK HERE

From the grower
The greenhouses are filling up around Thunder Bay these days. The majority of planting is still floral in nature, but things like onions and leeks are getting planted already! It may feel like spring outside, but we need to be patient and hope for some serious rainfall over the next month to help keep the field moisture adequate for planting when the time is right. Odds are some frosty nights are still on the forecast in April and May. Perennials like strawberries need regular moisture now, too. We saw a lot of damage to the berries a few years ago when we had this abnormal very early, hot spring. If you’ve got perennials, plan on being ready before normal to irrigate (here’s hoping we don’t run out of water for later in the summer!).

Good Growing